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Tips to Keep Your Office Clutter Free While Keeping Your Sanity

Doing a little cleaning at the office will not only help clear your mind, but a clutter-free work space has been proven to increase productivity. Having a well-organized, clean work space is also a clear sign to your colleagues that you take pride in your work and are good at what you do. The question is, how can you keep your office clutter-free while still managing to keep... Read Article

If Your Company Handles Cryptocurrency, Here’s What You Need To Know About Cyber Security

Hackers are getting smarter every day and the methods they use to target your assets are changing. No longer do you only have to worry about credit card information being stolen, hackers are after cryptocurrency too. A blockchain start-up just raised $4 billion without a live product With blockchain investments rising, it's clear blockchain isn't going anywhere. Do you have a clear plan in place... Read Article

Prepare Your Office for the Summer Heat

Working in a hot office all day can affect employee morale and productivity. It makes sense for business owners to prepare in advance for scorching summer days. The following tips can help you beat the heat and create a more comfortable office environment. Make Sure Your HVAC System is in Top Running Order When temperatures are climbing, an efficiently running HVAC system can make all... Read Article

How to Keep Your Office Safe From Cyber Crime

Cyber crime is criminal activity carried out on the internet. It can be a crime such as hacking, spamming, or phishing in which a specific device is the object of the crime, or a crime in which a device is used as a tool to commit an offense. Common cyber crimes include identity theft, unauthorized computer access, online theft of bank information, and online predatory... Read Article

If This Is Your Mentality About Possible Cyber Attacks, Think Again…

“I don’t think I have anything cyber attackers want to steal.” If you think like this, you're not alone, but you also need to think again. Many organizations think they are not at risk for cyber attacks. Financially motivated attackers, however, may look at your assets much differently than you do, seeing value in anything from contact lists to business plans, from blueprints to passwords.... Read Article


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