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If This Is Your Mentality About Possible Cyber Attacks, Think Again…

“I don’t think I have anything cyber attackers want to steal.” If you think like this, you're not alone, but you also need to think again. Many organizations think they are not at risk for cyber attacks. Financially motivated attackers, however, may look at your assets much differently than you do, seeing value in anything from contact lists to business plans, from blueprints to passwords.... Read Article

How IT Companies Benefit From E&O Policies

Client: All IT Companies Scenario: AST Software, a software development firm, developed an ERP system that would manage the day to day business activities such as accounting procurement, inventory control and a number of other activites required by a large manufacturing firm. Problem: AST Software became aware of an error that had been made by their system engineers causing the improper counting of inventory. AST... Read Article


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